Manage group lunch orders
in Slack

Gather your coworkers' lunch choices in an order summary and easily split expenses with payment requests.

1. Start a lunch order at your favorite restaurant

Tell Snackbot the name of a restaurant and it will start a thread where your coworkers can add their choice from the restaurant's menu.

2. Wait for your coworkers to add their choices

Snackbot matches incoming requests with its menu database and adds them to an order summary for you.

It will ask for clarification if a request is ambiguous or the price is missing. Pricing has only to be given if no one else has ordered the same menu item before.

3. Forward order summary to the restaurant

No need to scroll through all messages and check what lunch has been ordered how many times. Simply forward the summarized order to the restaurant and be done in one go.

4. Close order and send payment requests

You paid the whole lunch order and now you want your money back?

Snackbot handles the calculations and awkward payment requests for you. Simply close the order and Snackbot will send all participants a direct message with what they ordered and the exact amount they owe you.

If you want, Snackbot will also include your payment details to streamline the process even further.

Time saver

Snackbot takes over most of the tedious work for managing lunch orders so you have more time for important stuff.

Simple payment initiation

If you share your IBAN with Snackbot, the payment requests will include a special EPC QR code. This type of QR code is recognized by an increasing number of European mobile banking apps and allows to inititate payments without typing.

Maximum privacy

Snackbot has been developed with privacy in mind. We give you full control over your data and automatically forget personal data as soon as possible.