Manage group lunch orders
in Slack

Gather your coworkers' lunch choices in an order summary and easily split expenses with payment requests.


Add Snackbot to your Slack workspace and get 30 days to try out all paid features for free. No payment details required. After 30 days you may continue with limited free features or choose a monthly paid subscription.

Unlimited usersUnlimited users
Unlimited productsUnlimited products
2 orders per monthUnlimited orders
No payment requestsUnlimited payment requests

It is not yet possible to choose a paid subscription. However, a paid subscription will be required in the future to retain access to all features. In the meantime the free trial period will be extended for all users. We will notify you in Slack when your free trial ended and a paid subscription is available.

Got thoughts about a fair pricing model for Snackbot? Feel free to share your ideas with us at