Manage group lunch orders
in Slack

Gather your coworkers' lunch choices in an order summary and easily split expenses with payment requests.

Terms of Service

Snackbot is a service for managing group lunch orders in Slack. It also handles awkward payment requests for you. On this page you'll find the terms of the Snackbot service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Who is who?

The terms "we", "us", "our" refer to the owner of Snackbot (Oliver Jundt, living in Enschede, Netherlands) and anyone helping to develop the Snackbot service. "You" or "your" refer to you as a visitor of this website or user of the Snackbot service.

When do these terms apply?

These terms apply when you visit the website at or add Snackbot to your Slack workspace.

What are the rules for using Snackbot?

We expect you to use Snackbot only for its purpose of managing group orders. Any other use is not supported. We explicitly forbid activities that:

  • are unlawful (e.g. copyright or data protection violations)
  • interfere with others (e.g. hacking or spamming)
  • violate Slacks Acceptable Use Policy

What are the costs?

Visiting the website and adding Snackbot to your Slack workspace is free. No payment details are required. You may try all features without limitations during the first 30 days after adding Snackbot (free trial period). After the free trial your account will be automatically limited to free features and you may keep using the service within these limitations. You may start another free trial period after Snackbot has been uninstalled from your workspace for 1 year.

It is not yet possible to choose a paid subscription. However, a paid subscription will be required in the future to retain access to all features. In the meantime the free trial period will be extended for all users. We will notify you in Slack when your free trial ended and a paid subscription is available.

What happens with your data?

We take the protection of your data very seriously. Please check our privacy policy for more details about what we do with your data and how you can control it.

How can this agreement be terminated?

You may terminate your relationship with Snackbot at any time by simply uninstalling the Snackbot app from your workspace. No payments will be resituted upon termination.

We also have the right to terminate the agreement at any time. If we terminate the relationship because you violated the terms of service, you will immediately lose access to the service without restitution of any payments. In other cases we will do our best to adhere to the agreement until the paid-for period has passed or (if that's not possible) will restitute your money proportinal to the remaining paid-for period.

What is our relationship with Slack?

We use the Slack API and platform to provide the Snackbot service. Beside that Snackbot and Slack are independent entities. Slack is not responsible for the Snackbot service and will not provide support for it.

Who is responsible for what?

We do our best to keep the Snackbot service up and running and protect the data you share with Snackbot. Yet it is your responsibility to prevent any damage while using Snackbot. We do not accept responsibility for any damage except for the minimum responsibilities required by law.

We recommend to keep Snackbot out of channels where sensitive data is exchanged and you should regularly check prices of menu items to ensure correct payment requests.

Can we change these terms?

These terms of service may change in the future. If changes occur, these changes will be listed in the changelog below. Two weeks prior to significant changes we will try to notify you in Slack. If you don't agree with the changes, you may immediately terminate your relationship with Snackbot.

5 May 2018Initial version