Manage group lunch orders
in Slack

Gather your coworkers' lunch choices in an order summary and easily split expenses with payment requests.


You must be hungry and eager to get started. Below you'll find a list of commands Snackbot understands.

Commands in public channel

@snackbot start <restaurant name> Start a thread for gathering your coworkers' menu choices.

@snackbot default <restaurant name> Set restaurant for orders started without restaurant name.

@snackbot default - Reset default restaurant.

@snackbot language [en|nl|de] Change language of Snackbot.

@snackbot stats Show most ordered products

Commands in order thread

stop Close order and send payment requests.

stop <minutes> Let the order automatically close after the given number of minutes.

cancel Cancel order without sending payment requests.

<product name> @ <@username> Add new product to the menu or adjust price of existing product.

<product name> Order product for the last known price.

<product name> @ - Delete product from the menu.

<product name> for <price> Order product on behalf of given user.

surprise me Let Snackbot choose for you.

Want to change your order? Simply edit/delete your message.

Commands via direct message

iban <IBAN> Set the IBAN you want to be mentioned in payment requests.

iban - Reset your payment details.

name <name> Set the account holder name you want to be mentioned in payment requests.

paypalme <link> Set your link for payment requests.

paypalme - Reset link.

bunqme <link> Set your link for payment requests.

bunqme - Reset link.

mydata Request overview of all data we have of you.

feedback <message> Send us your feedback.