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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a top priority for us at Snackbot. In order to protect you and ourselves we only process the minimum amount of data required for Snackbot to function and we secure that data with modern and well-established security measures. Below you can find a complete and honest overview of the data being processed by us, what exactly the data is used for and which other parties are involved.

By using Snackbot you accept and consent to this policy and the rest of the Terms of Service.

If you ever decide to stop using Snackbot a simple uninstall is sufficient to remove all your personal data.

What data can we see?

Before Snackbot is added to your Slack workspace, we ask you for permission to add a bot user. Theoretically this bot user can do and see the same things as a normal team member (except joining channels on its own). In practice Snackbot only uses a small subset of these permissions. For maximum privacy and security we recommend to create a separate channel for Snackbot (e.g. #lunch) and keep Snackbot out of channels where sensitive data is exchanged.

What data do we use?

Type of dataUsed forRequired?Shared with third parties?Automatically deleted after
Slack ID of your team
  • Remembering the connection between your team and Snackbot
  • Preventing abuse of trial period
YesNo1 year after uninstall
Slack ID of your user
  • Remembering order details
  • Mentioning you in messages
YesNoUninstall or 8 weeks of inactivity
Direct messages and messages in channels that Snackbot has been invited to
  • Detecting commands and reacting upon it
YesNoImmediately after message has been succesfully processed. In case of an error, messages may be logged for 1 week for debugging purposes.
Your orders
  • Generating order summary
  • Sending payment requests
YesNoUninstall or order stopped/canceled
  • Sending payment requests
NoNoUninstall, 8 weeks of inactivity or direct message with iban -
Your full name used in Slack
  • Generating valid EPC QR codes for payment requests
NoNoUninstall, 8 weeks of inactivity or direct message with iban -
Your ID
  • Sending payment requests
NoNoUninstall, 8 weeks of inactivity or direct message with paypalme -
Your ID
  • Sending payment requests
NoNoUninstall, 8 weeks of inactivity or direct message with bunqme -
Default restaurant of your team
  • Starting orders at your favorite restaurant without repeating its name for every order
NoNoUninstall or reset with @snackbot default -

Snackbot may also collect anonymized aggregated statistics (e.g. order count per product) to get insights into the usage of Snackbot.

Last but not least, Snackbot may keep and use all added product names and prices to create public menus accessible for all users. Of course, product names that appear to contain personal information (e.g. "John's special burger") will not be included in public menus.

Which other parties are involved?

We depend on some carefully selected third parties to provide the Snackbot service. With all parties we have signed data processing agreements to ensure that they follow the same privacy policy as we promise you.

NameType of processingPlace of processingData processing
agreement signed
Amazon Web ServicesInfrastructure (servers, data storage)Germany
Google AnalyticsWebsite usage analyticsUS (with EU-US privacy shield)
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) belongs to Amazon and is a well-known provider for cloud computing with many certificates assuring the security and reliability of their services. We use AWS for running and monitoring servers and storing all data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google for analyzing website usage. We use Google Analytics to optimize the website and detect problems with onboarding of new users. For this purpose Google sets cookies and processes your navigation actions through the browser user agent and your anonymized IP. You can check Google's privacy policy for more information.

We have configured Google Analytics according to the strict recommendations of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, i.e.:

  • IP addresses are being anonymized
  • Sharing of data and remarketing is deactivated
  • Unaggregated data is automatically removed after 14 months

Still don't like it? You can opt-out at any time with the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

Please note that Google Analytics is only used for the website. Any activity within Slack is not analyzed with Google Analytics.

How do we secure your data?

We do our best to secure your data. This includes a strict access control with strong passwords and encrypted transfer using SSL connections. Daily backups are being made for the database and automatically deleted after 7 days.

How can you access and remove all your data?

At any time you can ask Snackbot what we know about you. Just send a direct message with mydata to receive an overview.

Do you want your personal data to be removed? Simply uninstall Snackbot from your workspace or send a request to including your Slack user id and we will make it happen.

Can we change this policy?

This privacy policy may change in the future. If changes occur, these changes will be listed in the changelog below. Two weeks prior to significant changes we will try to notify you in Slack. If you don't agree with the changes, you may immediately terminate your relationship with Snackbot.

2 January 2020Removed location related data. This also made the Google Cloud Platform dependency obsolete.
14 September 2019Extended period for remembering user settings to prevent accidental reset during vacations
21 October 2018Add information about optional ID
5 May 2018Initial version